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Support statusUnknown
Support provided byEvolveum
Target systemsBox cloud services

This connector is unfinished. It was using experimental extension to ConnId framework that haven't passed internal review and was dropped. This connector will not work without investing an effort to complete the development.


Box Connector for midPoint is REST connector which support basic CRUD operations for accounts, groups, folders and operations related to group as membership (group and users) or collaboration (group and folders). Connector was implemented for ConnID branch results-handler-modification.

FrameworkConnId results-handler-modification)
Bundle name

Connector nameBOX connector

Capabilities and Features

Live SynchronizationNO
ActivationYESOnly for Account Object Type
Paging supportYES
Native Attribute namesYES


The connector itself is available under the terms of Apache License 2.0. To our best knowledge there is no extra license needed to use this connector.







Build Date

Framework version


1.0 PolygonDownload jar GitHubGitHubSeptember 18th 20171.4.2.14-SNAPSHOT(branch results-handler-modification)Stable version

Known limitations

Connector operates with some limitations, which were detected during implementation:

  • Connector doesn’t support filters such as “ContainsFilter”, “StartWithFilter”, “EndsWithFilter”,  “AndFilter”, “OrFilter”, “NotFilter” etc.
  •   Avatars are supported only for inbound of Account Object Type
  • NAME of Account Object Type doesn’t support chracters ‘<’ and ‘>’
  • LOGIN  of Account Object Type doesn’t support chracter ‘-'
  • Attribute STATUS support only values “active” (enable) and “inactive” (disable)
  • Maximum length of Name attribute is 50 chracters


 It’s recomended to enable “filteredResultsHandler” in configuration because of lack support of query filters


Connector supports following filters:

Account ObjectsUIDNAME
Group ObjectsUID
Folder Objects UID


 Box connector requires following property fields so please follow the steps below:

  • ClientId
  • ClientSecret
  • RefreshToken
  • AccessToken
  • BoxHTTPEndpoint

Configuring resource

  1. Obtain credential codes for Box API. Register at
  2. Create new Custom App with standard OAuth 2.0 User Authentication
  3. Set Redirect URI e.g. and select at least “Manage users”, “Manage groups” and “Manage enterprise properties” options in Application Scopes checkbox.
  4. In order to authenticate with Box you will also need refreshToken and accessToken. To retrieve it, go to your Box-connector java project and run Main class. Follow the steps described in console.

  5. You now have all the information you need to configure the connector resource in the midPoint.


Methods for connector testing are divided into the clasess according to correspond Object Type. These classes are located in test package.Before running the test methods please fill the required values as:

  • “ClientId” as in configuration,
  • “ClientSecret” as in configuration,
  • “RefreshToken” current valid state of refreshToken,
  • “AccessToken”  current valid state of accessToken,
  • “BoxHTTPEndpoint”  as in configuration,

in each of testing class.

  • “invalidRefreshToken” invalid or expired refreshToken,
  • “invalidAccessToken invalid or expired accessToken”

in account testing class.

Basic tests use attributes with values containing valid special characters (subset of 'ľščťžýáíéäúôöüß$#@%^&*<>(?' ) for create, update operation tests and schema consistency test. Filtering and listing tests are divided into methods according to possible filters and options for each object type.

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