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Since 3.6 it is possible to generate user passwords via bulk actions (a.k.a. midPoint scripting).

You can use e.g. the following bulk action code to do that:

generate-passwords.xml: bulk action that generates passwords for specified users

Property api:execute with the value of true causes midPoint to update user objects with the newly generated passwords (besides returning these passwords as part of the output data).

For complete reference, please see the description of the generate-value action.

So, for example, when this bulk action is invoked via REST interface, like this (generate-passwords.xml is the file containing the XML code shown above):

Invoking bulk action via REST

The result is the following:

Result of password-generating bulk action execution

It is also possible to specify an explicit input in bulk action call. So, the above case could be written like this:

Generating passwords (using explicit input)

(Note the invalid OID among data. It is used to illustrate failures in processing.)

In this case we can see also the failures in the bulk action output:

Output from the bulk action

The ability to specify input in this way is new in midPoint 3.6. It should be considered an experimental feature until fully tested.

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