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Support statusUnknown
Support provided bySupport may be available from original author.
OriginCommunity (AMI Praha)
Target systemsCoupa Cloud Platform


Coupa Connector for midPoint is based on Evolveum's REST connector template.

LicenceApache 2.0


MidPoint version

Connector requires midPoint 3.5 or newer.

Coupa Connector is intended for production use. The connector was introduced as a contribution to midPoint project by AMI Praha and is not officially supported by Evolveum.

Coupa Connector contains support for USER and ROLE. The current focus is on USER entity.


Coupa procurement software as a service. This connector uses the Coupa's REST API to add, modify and disable user accounts and assign roles. 

More information on Coupa can be found here.

Supported operations

  • Test
  • Schema (static)

for USER entity:

  • Search
    • By login
    • By id
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete (as disable)

for ROLE entity:

  • Search
    • By name
    • By id

Supported attributes

for USER entity:

  • id
  • login
  • active
  • purchasing-user
  • authentication-method
  • sso-identifier
  • email
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • roles
  • default-locale
  • default-address

for ROLE entity:

  • id
  • name
  • description
  • omnipotent
  • system-role


Configuration PropertyRequiredTypeDefault ValueDescriptionValue example
Test user loginXString
Login of test user for test connection method. For example
Token nameXString
Name of the token attribute in REST requestX-COUPA-API-KEY
Service addressXString
hostname of coupa REST api endpoint
Token valueXString
security token allowing to connect to coupa(random string generated by coupa)
Default page size
String10Size of the default response page when requesting objects from coupa (max 50 recommended 10)10
Delete role assignments
flag whether to delete all assignments when assigning new roles to the user. (default true, false allows only adding new assignments)true

Getting started

Building the connector

Download and build the project with usual:

mvn clean install

Import connector JAR file to one of these locations:

  • midPoint WEB-INF/lib
  • the application server (e.g. Tomcat) lib directory
  • the icf-connectors directory in midPoint home

Restart midPoint

Creating resource

  • Click new resource in resource sub menu of midpoint administration GUI
  • Set correct connector and some descriptive name
  • fill configuration attributes as described higher in the Configuration section

Configuring resource

  1. Obtain coupa api token from coupa
  2. Obtain username of one user which will be searched during test connection operation
  3. Set all other attributes according to examples

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