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This page provides a compact list of the most important documentation pieces for midPoint developers

  • Architecture and Design section provides overview of midPoint architecture. It provides both the big picture but the sub-pages also provide a lot of details. The overall architecture of midPoint is stable and well proven. Even though the description is somehow older it still well described the system.
    • Interfaces page provides a list of important midPoint interfaces. Usually those that are intended for public use.
  • Source Code wiki subtree contains information about midPoint sources
    • Git page describes how to get the midPoint source code.
    • Source Code Structure describes the purpose of source code directories
  • SchemaDoc is a data model documentation generated from the schemas
  • JavaDoc of midPoint APIs ... and also the whole code
  • Prism Objects page provides introduction to fundamental data representation framework used in midPoint. You will work with prism objects all the time when developing midPoint. This is very well worth a look. Especially:
  • Development Participation page describes how to contribute code to midPoint
  • Development Guidelines provide some guidance how to create and structure midPoint code.
  • Tips, Lists and Cheats
    • XML Namespace List provides a list of namespace URIs used by midPoint. Midpoint is using namespaces a lot and this page can be very useful.
    • Development Applications is a list of all applications that we have to support development (bug tracking, continuous integration, etc.)
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