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The tool described here is in early stages of its development. Although useful even now, please use with care. Each of the versions released has to be treated like a development snapshot or prototype.

Version: 0.10.8 (May 3rd, 2019)

Source code:



MID-5177 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Added support for 4.0 object types: objectCollection , archetype , dashboard, assignmentHolder . Also added support for case  object type (introduced into midPoint earlier).Support for assignmentHolder  is very limited. The plugin does not recognize its place in the object hierarchy; it might lead to some inconveniences. Dashboard support requires v4.0devel-1060-gfa96a3d  or later because of a midPoint bug.

MID-4665 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Added support for subtypes and archetypes.When browsing objects, the "subtype" column now contains concatenation of object subtype information: archetype names, subtype values, employeeType/roleType/orgType/serviceType values, resourceRef+kind+intent information (for shadows), category (for tasks). Archetype names require v4.0devel-1060-gfa96a3d  or later.
-Changed double-click behavior on servers list from "edit server" to "select server", as the latter is much more natural and more frequently used.
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