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This page contains notes about ideas that are supposed to make midPoint deployment more efficient.

Product Improvements

  • User interface support to resolve "disputed" situation.
  • Visual mapping editor
  • ML recommender for probabilistic correlation.
  • Validation of script statements when importing object, not only XML/JSON/YAML. Currently the object can be imported even with syntax errors in Groovy
  • Ability to disable mappings or attributes in schema handling/object template instead of commenting/removing them
  • Search gui with auto completion (a'la JIRA) to create query
  • Eclipse/IntelliJ plugin
    • Unification of query playground and eclipse plugin.
    • MidPoint Studio - maybe even consider abandoning eclipse and move to IntelliJ. But Jasper and Directory Studio may prohibit that.
    • Improve error handling (e.g. reference resolution fails with error 500 while Import from GUI shows the error)
    • Validation of script statements when importing object, not only XML/JSON/YAML. Currently the object can be imported even with syntax errors in Groovy
    • Support for diff-ing objects in a more user-friendly way (currently possible to diff local and remote object with delta results)
    • Simulation: e.g. to run a mapping or functionLibrary with some repository data or user provided data and see the results without storing anywhere
  • Resource wizard
    • Make it really a wizard, not just configuration GUI
    • Integrate resource configuration samples as templates
    • Better handling of association definitions
  • Improve error handling and reporting in midPoint (but how exactly?)
  • JSON/YAML tooling: data conversion GUI, better doc, samples (automatic conversion), etc.
  • Automatic reload (without restart)
    • Extension schema
    • Connectors
  • Better "preview changes"
    • For each value show where it came from: inbound/outbound/template, which specific mapping produced it
  • Better error messages
    • XML errors: indicate the line number of the problem
    • Script errors: show line number in the XML file
    • Note: Sometimes, both will refer to line numbers of the object stored in repository, which may be different that source line numbers. But better than nothing.
      • Maybe showing also in which mapping/attribute this error in script happened, would help (if we're not showing that already)
  • Object import/validation
    • XML import/validation that does not care about ordering of elements
    • Validate scripts, whether they are compilable: MID-5343 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Add Connectors page to Resources part of GUI MID-5332 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Data quality validation:
    • Validation expressions, e.g. "Only one first name", "Does not contain national characters", etc.
    • Mark invalid data (Can we use "provenance"?)
    • Prohibit use of invalid data (e.g. in case that the data got "broken" in the feed). Do not use such data for provisioning. Q: what to use? Old value?
    • Report invalid data to people responsible for data source (e.g. HR)
    • Protect against big unexpected changes, e.g. "empty feed problem". Can we use thresholds here?
    • Mark "suspicious" records in the feed, e.g. HR accounts that were not updated for several years
  • Incremental deployment
    • Connect target system in steps: 1. create only, 2. create+update, 3. create+update+disable/delete. Easy way how to configure this.
    • Report data discrepancies. E.g. run reconciliation, but do NOT correct the data. Just record the problems and report them.
      • Account situation report (assume the accounts are assigned, but do not create/delete them, just report discrepancies)
      • Attribute/association differences
  • Notifications
    • How to resend failed e-mail notifications?
    • In-app notifications?
    • Notification log?
  • Audit
    • Often used for diagnostics/visibility
    • Audit log viewer UX - rework the search paradigm? Align with ordinary search widget?
  • Query language
    • Make it better (non-XML)
  • Reporting
    • Get rid of Jasper
    • How to do integrations? How to export/import report data to other tools?

Process Improvements

  • Better samples. Samples from practice, not just "theoretical" and testing samples.


  • Documentation generator (e.g. from resources, to generate technical documentation about setup, mappings etc.)

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