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Development Snapshot

This guide provides instruction for installing midPoint development snapshot. This is the very bleeding edge of midPoint development. We try really hard to have continuous iterative and incremental development and we pay great care not to break anything and have all imrpotant tests passing at any moment during the development. However, unexpected things happen. Parts of the development snapshot may behave in a strange fashion, there may be unfinished things and some things may be broken. You are going into uncharted territory. There be dragons. You have been warned.

Source Code

This guide provides instruction for installing midPoint from the source code. It requires basic software development tools and some experience to build the product. This is recommended only for engineers that want to test the latest development version of midPoint and for developers who would like to participate in midPoint development. Everybody else will probably find installing from the binary build much easier.

Before You Start

Release Notes

Please make sure to see Release Notes for list of environments that are known to work and for the list of known issues in current release.


Java Development Kit 8

The development environment requires at least JDK 8. You can use OpenJDK wich might be already installed on your system of you can download JDK from Oracle.

JAVA_HOME environment variable should point to the JDK installation path.

Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 8

Optional AES-128 is used by default for encrypt/decrypt operations, so JCE is not needed. If you want to use bigger key size, e.g. AES-256, then JCE is required for cryptographic operations. You can download it at After downloading zip file follow installation instructions written in README.txt

Java 8 only

MidPoint is supported only on Java 8 platforms. MidPoint supported both Java 7 and Java 8 for several years. The support for Java 7 was deprecated in midPoint 3.4.1 and it was removed in midPoint 3.5.


The midPoint source is available from a Git server. The details regarding Git, Git client software and Git server locations are described in Git page. Short summary of Git coordinates is provided in the following table.

GitHub project page
Git Repository URLs
(public access)



Download and install Maven3:

M2_HOME environment variable should point to the Maven installation path.

Prepare MidPoint Software

Get MidPoint

Get the source from our Git repository

git clone

For more information about the source repository structure see Source Code.

Build MidPoint From Sources

Enter the directory with downloaded source code and execute either of the following commands:

mvn install

Complete build process also includes unit and integration tests and more than one hour. You can speed up the build by skipping automatic tests using the following command:

mvn install -DskipTests=true

After the successful build process there will be a binary distribution package located in dist/target directory.

Building the WAR file only

If the WAR file is all you need you can speed the build even further by skipping the packaging of the distribution archive. Use the following command to turn off the dist maven profile:

mvn clean install -DskipTests=true -P -dist

Please note the minus character (-) before profile name.
The resulting WAR file can be obtained from gui/admin-gui/target/midpoint.war

Run MidPoint


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