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This page describes the method how to setup midPoint server to run as Windows service. This is the usual setup to start midPoint automatically after system boot on Windows. The service will be started as MidPoint and will listen on default TCP 8080 port.

  1. Download the midPoint binary release according to the following table and unpack the archive file to a convenient location.

    Release 3.7
    Binary Distribution
  2. Install MidPoint as service by executing service.bat script from \midpoint-3.7\bin directory with install argument e.g.:

  3. Start, Stop and configure service:
    1. Another binares midpointw.exe, is GUI application which is used to monitor and configure created MidPoint service. Main function of this application is to Start and Stop MidPoint service. Run this application located in \bin directory and Start/Stop MidPoint by click on start/stop.
  4. Uninstall MidPoint service executing service.bat script from \midpoint-3.7\bin directory with uninstall argument e.g. (Stop the service before uninstallation):   

    You can also start/stop service with windows Services application.




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