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Source Code

This guide provides instruction for installing midPoint from the source code. It requires software development tools and some experience to build the product. This is recommended only for engineers that want to participate in midPoint development or have deeper interest in the source code. Everybody else will probably find installing binary release much easier.


Java SE Development Kit 6

The development environment requires JDK 6. Recommended is JDK 6 update 26 or later which you can download at

JAVA_HOME environment variable should point to the JDK 6 installation path.

Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 6

Optional AES-128 is used by default for encrypt/decrypt operations, so JCE is not needed. If you want to use bigger key size, e.g. AES-256, then JCE is required for cryptographic operations. You can download it at After downloading zip file follow installation instructions written in README.txt

Apache Tomcat

midPoint needs an application server. Currently, Apache Tomcat 6.x or 7.x is supported. More application servers will be supported in later releases.

Apache Tomcat can be downloaded from The Apache Tomcat installation directory is further referenced as <tomcat>.


The midPoint source is available from a Subversion Server (SVN).

If you need an SVN client, it is available at

For windows users a nice graphical client is available at

Note: svn client provides command line svn client that is required by maven build. However Tortoisesvn does not support standard command line svn client interface.


Download and install Maven3:

M2_HOME environment variable should point to the Maven installation path.

Please note that there are some issues with Maven 2 build. Maven 3 build is strongly recommended.

Prepare midPoint software

Get midPoint

Get the revision-2.1.1 source from our SVN repository using the URL:

svn checkout

For more information about the source repository structure see Source Code.

Build midPoint from sources

Enter the directory with downloaded source code and execute either of the following commands:

mvn install
  • for building without automatic tests
    mvn install -DskipTests=true
    After the successful build process, there will be a new WAR file located in gui/admin-gui/target/midpoint.war.

The build process has been tested with Maven 3. Please note that there are some issues with Maven 2 build. Maven 3 build is strongly recommended.

Deploy midPoint

Continue with installation like binary release Installing midPoint from Binary Release - 2.1.1, but you need to use your own WAR from gui/admin-gui/target/midpoint.war.

What Now?

For an quick introduction to use of midPoint please follow the instructions on First Steps page. Full Administration Interface is also available.

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