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Planned feature

This page describes a feature planned for future midPoint versions.

This feature is roughly designed and it was evaluated as feasible. However, there is currently no specific plan when it will be implemented because there is no funding for this development yet. In case that you are interested in supporting development of this feature, please consider activating midPoint Platform subscription.

MidPoint Studio is in development now. See for the details.


MidPoint can be managed by using midPoint user interface. This is ideal for end users, day-to-day identity management, delegated administration, role management and so on. But it is not ideal for midPoint configuration. Setting up object templates, meta-roles and similar fixed or semi-fixed policies is usually governed by methods that are quite close to software development methodologies. There is substantial benefit in using software development environments (IDEs) for this job.

MidPoint has already started to go this way. There are IDE plugins that can be used to manage midPoint objects. There is a Eclipse IDE plugin and there is some work on IntelliJ IDEA plugin. But those are not finished. And makes little sense to maintain two plugin for two IDEs. Therefore we have to decide which platform we will be using. There are also other plugins that can be useful. But currently the user has to manually download, install and configure all the plugins. Which is a task that may challenge even experienced developers.

Proposed Solution

We plan to create a pre-installed and pre-configured midPoint Studio based on IntelliJ or Eclipse IDE. The "studio" should include following parts:

  • MidPoint plugin for managing midPoint objects.
  • Jasper Reports plugin to create advanced reports.
  • Directory studio plugin to manage LDAP servers.
  • User friendly support for creating and maintaining midPoint overlay projects.

Things to consider:

  • Definition of midPoint servers that can be reused by all plugins. E.g. both midPoint plugin and Jasper plugin require midPoint server definition and credentials.

Future Enhancements

  • Syntax assist for midPoint XML/JSON/YAML objects.
  • Support for dynamic schema downloaded from the server.
  • Debugging of midPoint expressions (setting breakpoint, stepping, etc.)

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