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This feature is available in midPoint 3.7 and later.

Sometimes it is necessary to "bind" a task to a given node or a set of nodes. In midPoint 3.5, an (very experimental and untested) approximation of this feature was available, as part of task/executionConstraints/allowedNode and disallowedNode structures. But starting from 3.7 this feature is implemented correctly.

Execution capabilities

Each node in midPoint cluster is said to have a set of execution capabilities. These are arbitrary tags attached to nodes. By default, each node has a capability that is derived from its node name (like e.g. "Node1"). But system administrator can easily add more values, or even delete this one by editing Node objects via Repository Objects page:

A node with 2 capabilities: Node2, batch

Then each task has an optional single-valued property requiredCapability, which, if present, must match one of node's capabilities in order for this task be executable on a given node.

This value can be edited via GUI, like this:

How to use

So, the midPoint administrator can either assign tasks to individual nodes by using their names, or (in more advanced scenarios) by using more abstract tags to describe individual nodes' capabilities.



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