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Feature freeze: April 2016

Release: end of May 2016


Governance & compliance1mederly, semancik, honcharJan-Mar  MID-3538 - Global policy rules Closed
MID-3524 - Policy Rules GUI (read-write) Open
MID-3384 - "Light recompute" to compute roleMembershipRef (with direct and indirect role references) Closed
CredSSP DONE1semancikJan-Feb  
Manual resources2semancik, honcharMar  MID-3393 - Manual resources Closed
Password hash1 Fed-Mar  MID-3285 - Support hashing in ProtectedString Closed
GUI automated tests (3.5.1)2honchar, semancikJan-Feb  
REST improvements1katkav? semancik?Feb-Mar  MID-3572 - REST interface improvement Open
MID-2283 - Better REST API documentation Resolved
MID-2268 - API method to check existence Open
Subscriber improvements1semancikMar  MID-3337 - Assignment mapping variable Closed MID-3573 - Proper support of empty non-readable values (such as passwords) Resolved
MID-2928 - Use ConnId extensions to properly support password weak mappings (LDAP, AD) Resolved  
Subscription and deployment support1honchar, semancikFeb  MID-3290 - subscription information Resolved
MID-2088 - MidPoint system name Resolved
GUI Improvements and fixes3honchar, semancikContinuous
We'll do all we can in the time we have
MID-3053 - Preview changes look&feel Open MID-2670 - Rework menu authorization checks Open MID-2650 - more understandable error messages (not only) for end users Resolved
MID-3066 - Context menus in tables Resolved MID-2913 - Align look&feel of configuration pages with the rest of the system Open MID-2683 - Do not show actions on GUI where I don't have access Open
MID-3059 - Smart object links Open
MID-3211 - Security questions cleanup Open MID-2480 - User-unfriendly Tasks List interface Open
MID-2821 - Move Security Questions to Self-Service Open
MID-3290 - subscription information Resolved MID-3123 - Repo/resource indicator Open MID-2088 - MidPoint system name Resolved MID-3095 - Basic connector pages Open
Shopping cart improvements2honchar, semancikFeb  MID-3558 - Shopping cart improvement: catalog categories Open MID-3557 - Shopping cart improvement: parameters Open
Reporting improvements1katkav, honcharMarFixes. Make it usable. Report output in cluster. CSV report from search. MID-2933 - Reporting usability improvements Resolved
MID-2929 - Make report output accessible from any node in the cluster Resolved
MID-3622 - Quick report from search Resolved
Book (cont.)3semancik et al.Continuous  
Unify Task, WorkItem, Reports with other objects2mederlyMar  MID-3051 - Special-purpose services and ModelService Open
New CSV connector2igor & teamContinuous  MID-3599 - Finish CSV connector Closed
MID-3597 - CSV connector livesync Resolved
MID-3595 - Implement script execution in new CSV connector Closed
GUI infra2lazymanDec-Jan  MID-3623 - Support for multiple browser windows Resolved
Quality1allFeb-Marbugsquashing party
MORE TESTING before release


MID-3527 - Improve (special mode for) reconciliation which will only process certain kind/intent/objectclass combination and never touch anything else Open

Dropped features

Consistency and model1 katkavProperly fix consistency-model integration, management of dead shadows, tests, etc. MID-3603 - Consistency update Open
MID-3115 - Consistency, model and shadow graveyard Open
MID-2087 - Provisioning + consistency + strict dependencies problem Open
MID-1566 - Dependencies and consistency Open
Important internal/schema updates2semancik  MID-3335 - Object subTypes Resolved
MID-3555 - Locality, costCenter and others to FocusType Resolved
Continued cleanup3 mederly  MID-3523 - Prism cleanup (part 2) Open
MID-3231 - Allow to specify multiple target types in prism reference definition Open
Other3   MID-3090 - Dynamically linked WSDL contains unproxied xsd reference Open


1criticalThis must be in the release. We will not release without this.
Feature freeze or release date will be changed if we cannot manage it in time.
2majorThis really should be in the release. But we may reconsider if needed.
Feature freeze may be slightly postponed because of this. But it is unlikely that the release data will be changed.
3minorThis might be in the release if there is still some time before the feature freeze.
Feature freeze or release data will not be changed. If we cannot manage this the feature will be simply dropped from the release.
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