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  1. Replace any occurrences of old version (e.g. 0.10.3) with the new one (e.g. 0.10.4). The easiest way is to search for the string over the whole workspace (except for "target" directories).
  2. Do mvn clean install.
  3. Copy the file com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.parent\com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.update\target\ into the /var/www/evolveum/downloads/midpoint-eclipse-plugin directory on the distribution server.
  4. Delete all the other files from the directory (perhaps except older .zip distribution files).
  5. Unzip the file:
/var/www/evolveum/downloads/midpoint-eclipse-plugin# unzip
   creating: features/
   creating: plugins/
  inflating: artifacts.jar
  inflating: artifacts.xml.xz
  inflating: content.jar
  inflating: content.xml.xz
  inflating: features/com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.feature_0.10.4.201705170733.jar
  inflating: p2.index
  inflating: plugins/com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.logviewer_0.10.4.201705170733.jar
  inflating: plugins/com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.runtime_0.10.4.201705170733.jar
  inflating: plugins/com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.ui_0.10.4.201705170733.jar
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