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MidPoint performance can be sometimes lower than expected from quite unusual reason: objects in repository could grow too large. This can be the case e.g. because of big operation results (stored e.g. in tasks or shadows), because of model operation contexts stored in approval tasks, or because of evaluated triggers stored as part of assignments.

In order to diagnose such situations we have created the "object integrity check" task. (As for the name: we expect many more uses of such task to come later. Displaying objects size is quite a minor functionality in this respect.)

So, if you want to see how large are objects in your repository, import the following task:

Task for displaying repository objects size

You can restrict the objects to be included in the scope by using objectQuery extension item.

The result will be shown in the log, like this (note that my midPoint is almost empty now, so there are not many objects there):

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