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MidPoint does not have a roadmap in a traditional sense. MidPoint development process is considerably agile and the development priorities of midPoint project are dynamic. The roadmap is mostly influenced by the customers, project sponsors and partners. MidPoint project is planned in a rolling wave:

  • We have quite a precise plan for the next release.
  • We have a feature development plan for following few releases (see below).
  • We have rough plan for next few years and we have a vision where to take the project in a decade or so.

As the project rolls out the plan is also made more precise. The plan is reviewed before each new release starts which is at least twice a year.

Roadmap Overview

Fall 2016Spring 2017Fall 2017Spring 2018Fall 2018
Password history SPONSORED

Personas (identity links) SPONSORED

Policy rule improvements SPONSORED

___(free)___ SPONSORED

___(free)___ SPONSORED


Policy rule improvements SPONSORED

Governance UI improvements SPONSORED

___(free)___ SPONSORED

___(free)___ SPONSORED

Role lifecycle (IGA) SPONSORED

Certification improvements SPONSORED

Authorization improvements SPONSORED

___(free)___ SPONSORED

___(free)___ SPONSORED

Object history SPONSOREDSoD approvals SPONSORED

Reusable expression functions SUBSCRIPTION

___(free)___ SPONSORED

Major data model improvements

Self registration SPONSORED

Escalation SPONSORED

Lawful Basis Management (GDPR)


Finer-grain control of GUI elements SPONSOREDGUI improvements SPONSORED

User interface improvements

SCIMv1 connector SPONSOREDITSM integration CONTRIBUTED   
Drupal connector SPONSOREDREST interface improvements SUBSCRIPTION   
JSON and YAMLCredSSP support (AD/Exchange)   

Role catalog (IGA)

Shopping cart    

SPONSORED: feature that was funded by midPoint customer/partner or a free slot available for sponsored feature (see below)
: feature that was funded by midPoint platform subscription (see below)
CONTRIBUTED: significant portion of this feature was developed by a third party and contributed to midPoint project

Latest Release: 3.6.1 (Comenius Update 1)

MidPoint is currently high-quality product developed for more than 6 years. MidPoint has a solid architectural foundation that was proven in practice. The current set of features provides good fit for almost any environment: enterprise (both employee and customer identities), telco, cloud, Internet, etc.

Current features include:

More detailed information about current project state can be found on midPoint Releases page and especially in the release notes of the most recent release.

Next Release: 3.7

This plan is also reflected in our task tracking system (jira).

Planned release date: fall 2017

The major features planned for the next release include:

  • User interface improvements

  • Policy rules improvement (sponsored)
  • Governance UI improvement (sponsored)
  • Authorization improvement (sponsored)
  • Reusable expression functions (subscription)
  • GDPR lawful basis management

Next Release: 3.8

Planned release date: srping 2018

The major features planned for the next release include:

Plan for the next release is preliminary. Changes are possible by using midPoint subscription or sponsoring.

Fluid Features and Sponsoring

Each midPoint release has a reserved capacity for sponsored features.

MidPoint is an open source product that is developed by professional developers. This approach brings unique combination of software freedom and quality. However professional development needs to be continually funded. This funding comes from midPoint subscription and sponsoring. MidPoint subscribers may use their subscription to vote for a specific feature to be placed on roadmap. There is also option to explicitly sponsor some feature to make sure it will implemented and released at a precise point in time. We refer to the feature that is placed on the roadmap by any of these methods as sponsored feature. Each midPoint release has a reserved capacity for the features that directly or indirectly contribute to the funding of midPoint development. If the funding of next release cannot be secured by the means of subscriptions or sponsoring, some midPoint developers must provide the funding using alternative methods (mostly professional services). These alternative methods leave only a very small portion of the developer's time that can be dedicated to midPoint development. As a consequence, sponsored feature slots cannot be filled in by community feature requests otherwise midPoint development funding would be at risk. If sufficient funding for midPoint development is not secured by sponsored features the midPoint roadmap has to be reduced and the development capacity reserved to the sponsored feature slots is lost. Therefore if you depend on a specific roadmap feature please consider sponsoring that feature or use the influence of your midPoint subscription to make sure that the feature stays on the roadmap.

Except for sponsored features the Evolveum company invests into one or two major features or architectural improvements in each release. This investment is to make sure that the quality of the midPoint architecture increases and that midPoint will continually gain new progressive features. This helps midPoint to maintain its status of state-of-the-art identity management system.

There are also some features that are not yet assigned to specific releases:

  • Developer SDK
  • Connector Framework Evolution
  • Fully customizable forms
  • Flexible data caching
  • Advanced SoD support and reporting
  • History and Rollback

  • Advanced Role Administration

  • Account archivation
  • Manual Processing

... and Beyond

We have a long-term vision that guides the project.

Influencing Roadmap

The roadmap is governed mostly by the people that support midPoint project, either financially or by contributing work. Therefore if you need to influence priorities of midPoint development, please consider a donation, purchase of a subscription, "buying" a feature or lending a helping hand. Please contact us if you are interested in helping financially. If you want help by investing your time and brains, please see the Participation page.

There is also one free way how to influence midPoint development: voting for issues. There is a voting options in our Jira. Registered users can vote for issues, which gives us a hint where to focus during planning and development.

Following table contains all features that are not planned yet and are labeled as product-feature.
If you would like to have some of the features in next releases then you can vote for them. If this table is missing some of your favorite features then you can create Jiras and vote for them.
Tip: Don't forget to label your features as product-feature to highlight them for others.

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