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Synchronization tasks are midPoint server tasks that handle bulk synchronization of midpoint objects. Synchronization tasks typically take care of scheduled user reconciliation or continuous live synchronization. But the tasks can be used in an ad-hoc manner to handle migration tasks such as initial user import or cleanup and administration tasks such as ad-hoc user recompute.

All the synchronization tasks are using the same synchronization mechanism. See the Synchronization page for an introduction.

For all the synchronization tasks to work correctly the synchronization section of resource configuration must be set up properly. See Synchronization Configuration page for more details.

Target Specification

The synchronization task needs to know what it has to synchronize. The task needs to know:

  • What resource to synchronize. This is specified by using the objectRef property of the task.
  • What objects on the resource to synchronize. It has to know which object classes, kinds or intents to synchronize. This is specified using the properties objectclasskind and intent of the task extension.

MidPoint 3.2 has a capability to synchronize all objects (all object classes) of a particular resource that supports it. This feature introduced a change in the meaning of object specification:

In midPoint 3.2 and later, if there is no object specification (objectclass, kind or intent) then the task will try to synchronize all object classes. This may fail if the resource or the synchronization mechanism does not support synchronization of all object classes.

In midPoint versions prior to 3.2, if there was no object specification then the task located a default account object type and used that for synchronization.

Live Synchronization



The following task will run reconciliation on resource ef2bc95b-76e0-48e2-86d6-3d4f02d3e1a2. It will reconcile objects of inetOrgPerson object class. The reconciliation will be running every hour (3600 seconds).

Reconciliation task (XML)


Import of default accounts can be initiated from the midPoint GUI by clicking the "Import Accounts" button on resource details page.

The following task will import all objects of inetOrgPerson object class from resource ef2bc95b-76e0-48e2-86d6-3d4f02d3e1a2. The task will run only once.

Import Accounts task (XML)

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