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#Property of a #Resource Object.


Cycle is a recurring loop of activity inside midPoint. It is similar to the concept of "deamon" or "service" from operating system, but the cycle is entirely hidden inside midPoint. It may be implemented as a background thread or as a #Task.

Data Store

The relational database, directory server, flat file or any other physical storage mechanisms that is used by midPoint system to persist data.

Identity Connector Framework

The open-source framework of resource connectors, originally developed by Sun Microsystems. Used in midPoint as a primary connector framework.

Object Class

Type of the #Resource Object. It is either

  1. a native type of the resource object on the resource, e.g. LDAP inetOrgPerson, or
  2. an XSD type mapped from the native type, e.g. InetOrgPersonObjectClass XSD complex type

See Resource Schema#ObjectClass, Shadow Objects.

Object ID, OID

See Object ID


See Prism Schema#Property.


Similar terms: IT Resource, Target system, Source system, Provisioning Target

Resource Object

See Shadow Objects.

Resource Object Shadow

See Shadow Objects.

Shadow Object

The same as #Resource Object Shadow.

See Shadow Objects.


Task is a logical unit of work that is either done synchronously, asynchronously, it is deferred, scheduled, etc.

See Task Manager.

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