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  • TaskType/taskIdentifier has to be unique in 3.8



  1. Stop midPoint.
  2. Backup database.
  3. Export objects, use ninja from release 3.7.2:

  4. Execute postgresql-upgrade-3.7-3.8.sql against midPoint database. Be sure to have a DB backup as the script will delete and recreate midPoint tables!
  5. Update midPoint installation. Do one of the following:

    1. Update war file in application server

    2. Extract release 3.8 

      1. copy var folder from your previously used 3.7.2 release folder to 3.8 directory (this folder contains configuration files, schema extension, connectors, ...)
  6. Import objects, use ninja from release 3.8:

  7. Copy all custom connectors from old installation to new one if necessary.

  8. Start midPoint 3.8.

  9. Test all resources, validate that they point to correct connectors.
  10. Done.


java -Dloader.path=/midpoint-3.7.2-SNAPSHOT/var/lib/mysql-connector-java-5.1.45.jar -jar lib/ninja.jar -m /midpoint-3.7.2-SNAPSHOT/var export -O -r -z -l 4

upgrade jdbc connector to 6.x.x

java -Dloader.path=/mysql-connector-java-6.0.6.jar -jar lib/ninja.jar -m /midpoint-3.8-SNAPSHOT/var import -r -z -i ../midpoint-3.7.2-SNAPSHOT/






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