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Logger nameScopeRecommended
log levels
com.evolveum.midpoint.model.common.mapping.MappingMapping TraceTRACELogs summary of execution for each mapping.
This is quite high-level mapping evaluation.
com.evolveum.midpoint.model.common.expression.ExpressionExpression TraceTRACELogs summary of expression evaluation.
This is lower-level trace of the expression with input and output dumps. It is quite verbose.


Script Expression TraceTRACELogs a lot of details about script expression evaluation (Groovy, JavaScript, ...)
Provides a lot of details
Very high


Projector TraceDEBUG
Logs the stages of projector computation. Especially the TRACE level is very verbose. However this is the best tool how to troubleshoot problems with synchronization mappings and mapping interactions.High
com.evolveum.midpoint.model.impl.lens.projectorDetailed Projector TraceDEBUG
Logs the stages of projector computation and also the details of each stage. Especially the TRACE level is extremely verbose. It could be used in a rare occasions, usually used to diagnose midPoint bugs.Nightmare
com.evolveum.midpoint.model.impl.lens.ClockworkClockwork SummaryDEBUGProvides summary of clockwork execution including cause of the events, overview of projector computation and the results (changes). Very nice output. Recommended for basic troubleshooting.Medium
com.evolveum.midpoint.model.impl.lens.ClockworkClockwork TraceTRACETracing the workings of clockwork (projection, execution, workflow). It dumps the context between major clockwork stages.High
com.evolveum.midpoint.model.impl.lens.ChangeExecutorChange Executor TraceTRACELogs all changes that clockwork does (User, Accounts, also other objects)Medium
org.identityconnectors.frameworkConnector TraceTRACELogs all invoked operations executed on all connectors and their return values.High
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