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This information applies to midPoint 3.4 and later. Some parts are relevant for 3.6 and later.


Workflow module provides the following notifications:

EventDefault recipient(s)
Process instance startUser that requested the operation (as of 3.4)
Process instance end

Work item creation

The work item actor (i.e. assignee) (as of 3.4). All assignees (as of 3.6).

Work item escalation, delegation, or other event
Work item completion

Event types and variables

These variables can be accessed through the 'event' object. Some of them are available also as standalone variables.

Event typeVariable/methodMeaningComment
(all)requesterThe user who requested the operation (as in other notification types).also a standalone variable
(all)requesteeThe object that is being modified by the operation. So, for example, when a role assignment is to be added to a user, this user is the requestee. The variable might be null if the object does not exist yet.also a standalone variable

ADD = process instance start or work item creation

DELETE = process instance end or work item completion


SUCCESS = result is 'approved' (you can use also isApproved() method to determine this)

FAILURE = result is 'rejected' (also isRejected() method)

IN_PROGRESS = result is not yet known (you can also use isResultKnown() to determine this)

(all)processInstanceNameName of the corresponding process instance. 



State specific to a change processor, or to a primary change processor in particular. 



State specific to an approval process, or to standard ItemApproval BPMN process in particular. 
(all)workflowContextThe whole workflow context. 
WorkItemTypeassigneeCurrent work item actor (but there's collision on the term 'actor', so we use the older term 'assignee' here; this needs to be clarified - TODO).also a standalone variable
WorkItemTypeworkItemThe work item.also a standalone variable

Some examples

Sending default mails when a role assignment is requested:

After attempting to assign a approval-enabled role to a user, the following notifications are sent:


Similar notifications are then sent when the work item (and the whole process) is completed, indicating the result of the approval process (approved / rejected).

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