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  • Integration: Component maintainer will make sure that their component can work well in the ecosystem. Component maintainer will spend reasonable time and effort to explore integration possibilities with other ecosystem components. Component maintainers will do interoperability testing, prepare configuration samples, describe the integration scenarios an (if appropriate) make the integration scenarios part of their usual Q&A process. Component maintainers will make any reasonable adaptations to their components if such are needed for integration.
  • Integration support: Each component maintainer will provide support to any other component maintainer for free (no support fees). This support is intended to address integration issues between components. The component maintainer promise to fully cooperate on diagnosing the issues, fixing bugs and adapting the products as needed. This will be done continually from the moment when component maintainers announces its cooperation in the ecosystem till such cooperation ends.
  • Limitation of integration support: The integration support specified above is limited to component-to-component integration. Only  to the members of component core teams are entitled to request such support. Integration support does not mean that component maintainers are required to provide free support to system integrators deploying other ecosystem products. The sole purpose of integration support is to make sure the products work together and to make sure developer-to-developer communication paths are short and efficient. Any component maintainer has the freedom to refuse such support in case that it is being abused for other purposes.
  • Community support: Each component maintainer agrees to provide a reasonable amount of free community support to general public. The purpose of this support is to allow anyone to understand the basic features and limitations of each component and to evaluate fitness of the component for a particular purpose. The support is usually limited to a generic questions that are easy to answer without a need for in-depth exploration. Such support does not include assistance with diagnostic of issues or fixing them. The support is usually executed by communication on a public project mailing list.
  • Priorities, planning and scheduling: Prioritization of integration testing, product adaptation, new integration features, addressing integration issues and any other tasks is an internal affair of each component maintainer. There are no SLAs or guaranteed response times unless they are explicitly agreed in a separate agreements. Each component maintainer does his own planning and prioritization. However, each component maintainer promises that the tasks related to integration will get the level of treatment that is usual for the importance and/or severity of the task. I.e. the component maintainers will not be systematically decrease the priority of integration tasks and will not intentionally ignore requests from other teams unless there is a very good reason to do so (e.g. the other team does not provide required assistance).