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To turn off the tasks go to the Server Tasks page. There is a small gray rectangle with an triangle in it at the lefthand side of the screen. This is an expandable Advaced Options dialog. Click on the triangle and it will expand. Click Stop all threads red button on the bottom of the page.

From this point on all tasks and other threads will be stopped. Only the operations that you explicitly do in the GUI or through other interfaces will be executed on this midPoint node. You can reactivate threads when you are done with this procedure later by clicking the other button in the dialog.


Code Block
echo -n > idm.log

TODO: windows

On MS Windows systems with PowerShell installed it is possible to use the following:

Code Block
powershell clear-content idm.log

If there's no PowerShell, you can use the following Java code, found e.g. in the Log Viewer Utilities package:

Code Block
public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    RandomAccessFile file = new RandomAccessFile("idm.log", "rw");

Execute the Operation

Switch back to the browser and execute the last step of the prepared operation, e.g. by clicking "Save".