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3.7 Darwin
3.8 Watt
3.9 LTS
3.10 LTS
Fall 2017Spring 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019Fall 20192020

Policy rule improvements SPONSORED

Performance and scalability improvements SPONSORED

Service account management (partial) SUBSCRIPTION

User experience improvements SUBSCRIPTION___(free)___ SUBSCRIPTION

___(free)___ SUBSCRIPTION

Governance UI improvements SPONSORED

Manual connector improvements SPONSORED

Self-registration improvements SUBSCRIPTION

___(free)___ SUBSCRIPTION

___(free)___ SUBSCRIPTION

Authorization improvements SPONSORED

Policy management user interface improvements SUBSCRIPTION

Service account management (partial) Minor user experience improvements SPONSORED

___(free)___ SUBSCRIPTION

___(free)___ SUBSCRIPTION

Reusable expression functions SUBSCRIPTION

Workflow UI improvements SUBSCRIPTION

Connector framework improvements SUBSCRIPTION

___(free)___ SUBSCRIPTION

Major data model improvements

User interface improvements

User interface for "cases" (contributed)Active Directory connector improvements SUBSCRIPTION Long-term support stabilization 


GDPR (experimental)   
 Minor customization improvements   
 Minor user experience improvements   

SPONSORED: feature that was funded by midPoint customer/partner or a free slot available for sponsored feature (see below)
: feature that was funded by midPoint platform subscription (see below)
CONTRIBUTED: significant portion of this feature was developed by a third party and contributed to midPoint project
LTS: Long-term support release. This is a preliminary plan. See Long-Term Support.

Latest Release: 3.7 (Darwin)