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Contributor License Agreements

MidPoint is is dual licensed under Apache License 2.0 . The plan is to add another license: and European Union Public License (EUPL). Therefore midPoint will be dual-licensed1.2. MidPoint users may choose any of those two licenses for their use of midPoint.


Therefore it is necessary to require contributor license agreements (CLA) from midPoint contributors. The purpose of the license agreements is to make licensing of midPoint code completely clear. Now we are working on the legal issues of dual licensing and CLAs. The situation should be clear in next few monthsTherefore if you submit a contribution to midPoint you will be asked to sign a CLA before the contribution can be accepted.


Git maintains the commit meta-data of the original commit. And this is what will be recorded in the history trail of main midPoint repository. Therefore the original contributor will be recorded in each commit. Apart from this the contributors are free to add their names to the appropriate place in the file header (e.g. Java @author annotation) if they feel their contribution is big enough to justify it.