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  • Functionality that is marked as EXPERIMENTAL is not supported for general use (yet). Such features are not covered by midPoint support. They are supported only for those subscribers that funded the development of this feature by the means of platform subscription or for those that explicitly negotiated such support in their support contracts.
  • MidPoint comes with bundled LDAP Connector. Support for LDAP connector is included in standard midPoint support service, but there are limitations. This "bundled" support only includes operations of LDAP connector that 100% compliant with LDAP standards. Any non-standard functionality is explicitly excluded from the bundled support. We strongly recommend to explicitly negotiate support for a specific LDAP server in your midPoint support contract. Otherwise only standard LDAP functionality is covered by the support. See LDAP Connector page for more details.
  • MidPoint comes with bundled Active Directory Connector (LDAP). Support for AD connector is included in standard midPoint support service, but there are limitations. Only some versions of Active Directory deployments are supported. Basic AD operations are supported, but advanced operations may not be supported at all. The connector does not claim to be feature-complete. See Active Directory Connector (LDAP) page for more details.
  • MidPoint comes with bundled Active Directory Connector (LDAP), which includes support for PowerShell scripting. This scripting is supposed to be used to supplement creation of Active Directory (windows) accounts by using simple scripts. It is not supposed to be used to manage Microsoft Exchange accounts. Management of Exchange accounts can be quite a complex matter, requiring complicated PowerShell scripts. Support for the use of this connector to manage Exchange accounts has to be purchased separately.
  • The PowerShell capability of  Active Directory Connector (LDAP) will be migrated to a dedicated connector in midPoint 4.1 or later. Once this capability is migrated, PowerShell scripting will no longer be supported as part of bundled midPoint connectors. There will be special connector for that purpose and support for such connector will be sold separately. Therefore, if you need support for PowerShell scripting, we recommend explicitly negotiating such support in your midPoint support contract. MidPoint subscribers that purchased their full subscription before the release date of midPoint 4.0 should not be affected by this change. However we recommend to check status of your subscription coverage by contacting Evolveum.
  • MidPoint comes with a bundled LDAP-based eDirectory connector. This connector is stable, however this connector is considered to be a legacy and it is not included in the normal midPoint support. Support for this connector has to be purchased separatelyThis connector will be removed in future versions of the LDAP connector bundle.
  • There is an option to modify midPoint to support LDAP and CAS authentication by using Spring Security modules. This method is used in several midPoint deployments. However, such authentication modules are not officially supported as part of usual midPoint subscriptions. Only community-level support is provided for those modules. Commercial-grade support for this authentication method is available, but it has to be explicitly negotiated in a subscription contract.
  • MidPoint user interface has flexible (fluid) design and it is able to adapt to various screen sizes, including screen sizes used by some mobile devices. However, midPoint administration interface is also quite complex and it would be very difficult to correctly support all midPoint functionality on very small screens. Therefore midPoint often works well on larger mobile devices (tablets) it is very likely to be problematic on small screens (mobile phones). Even though midPoint may work well on mobile devices, the support for small screens is not included in standard midPoint subscription. Partial support for small screens (e.g. only for self-service purposes) may be provided, but it has to be explicitly negotiated in a subscription contract.
  • There are several add-ons and extensions for midPoint that are not explicitly distributed with midPoint. This includes midPoint plug-in for Eclipse IDE, extension of Jasper studio, Java client library, various samples, scripts, connectors and other non-bundled items. Support for these non-bundled items is limited. Generally speaking those non-bundled items are supported only for platform subscribers and those that explicitly negotiated the support in their contract. For other cases there is only community support available. For those that are interested in official support for IDE add-ons there is a possibility to use subscription to help us develop midPoint studio (
    serverEvolveum Jira
  • The integration of Jaspersoft Studio for midPoint (a.k.a. "Jasper plugin") will not work with midPoint 4.0. The reporting web service was changed and the plugin was not yet adapted to that change. This work is planned for later. The priorities will be determined by platform subscribers.
  • MidPoint contains a basic case management user interface. This part of midPoint user interface is not finished. The only supported part of this user interface is the part that is used to process requests and approvals. Other parts of case management user interface are considered to be experimental, especially the parts dealing with manual provisioning cases.