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  • Following expression variables are deprecated: user, account, shadow
  • Inbound mappings are evaluated together from all the resources, as they should. But do not rely on that (yet). Some resources may not be loaded.
  • Default range for inbound mappings has changed. Default range for single value items is "all", default range for multivalue items is "none". See Inbound Mapping page for the details.
  • Special authorization is needed to run reports (authorization-model-3#runReport). Access to report web service requires this authorization as well (e.g. needed for access by Jaspersoft Studio).
  • Change of subtype is not supported in midPoint 4.0. This functionality was never fully supported in midPoint 3.x either, even though some use-cases worked. As subtype is now deprecated, this functionality will not longer be supported.
  • Script expressions have two options when it comes to presentation of object variables in the script. The variables can be passed to a script as objects, or they can be passed as references. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore there is a new element objectVariableMode in script expression evaluator that can be used to control this behavior.

Public interface changes since 3.9