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The short answer is: because you do not have have midPoint subscription.

The long answer is ... well ... long. MidPoint is a comprehensive system. It is by far the biggest open source IDM identity management and governance system currently available. MidPoint can do almost anything that you would need. But even though midPoint is open source and it is libre ("free as in speech"), it is not necessarily gratis ("free as in beer"). MidPoint is developed by professional developers that need to feed their families and pay their bills. Nobody is going to give us free food and let us live in his house just because we work on open source software. Evolveum is the company that funds vast majority of the development. Evolveum is a self-funded company. We do not have any rich investor or any other magic source of income. All the money that we need for development, testing and bugfixing must come from midPoint subscriptions.