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  • Major features
    • Flexible Authentication
    • Service authentication: service objects can log into midpoint similarly to users
    • Reworked server tasks  pages, added several new features
  • User interface improvements
    • Audit log viewer improvements
    • Support for archetype changes
    • Archetypes can hide items in the schema
    • UI support for simple conditions in assignment/inducement
    • Several archetype-related UI improvements
    • Improvements for recompute members  tasks
    • Save in background
    • Misc minor improvements in case management UI
    • Language picker is always visible
    • Configurable columns for accounts table
    • Triggers tab in object details page
    • Improvements for display of indirect assignments
  • Provisioning and Synchronization
    • Conditions for synchronization reactions
    • Diagnostic improvements (e.g. last availability status)
    • Miscellaneous synchronization task improvements, mostly diagnostic and robustness
    • Active Directory Connector (LDAP) and PowerShell Connector are separated (see below)
    • Connector read+write mode (experimental)
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • Indestructible objects (accidental delete prevention)
    • Asynchronous update task improvements
    • Configurable strictness for reference integrity
    • Improvements to mapping chaining (focusMappings)
    • Support for documentation properties for midScribe documentation generator (prototype, experimental)
    • Support for PostgreSQL 12
  • Internals and Development
    • Build process speedup
    • Major test cleanup