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Sponsored Features and Platform Subscription 

Each midPoint release has a reserved capacity for platform subscribers’ features.

midPoint is an open source product developed by expert developers. This approach brings unique combination of software freedom and quality. Though the fact midPoint being open source, engaging full time expert development team needs sustained funding. This funding comes from midPoint subscriptions. midPoint subscribers requiring premium support package activate Platform subscription. They may use it for requiring specific features to be placed on the roadmap and developed in the product. Once active Platform subscription is in place, based on the agreement with particular customer reflecting availability feature gets its particular roadmap slot.  

Alternatively, customers with active Product support can leverage sponsored features to get required feature. Following the fact Platform subscribers help us to fund midPoint continually in a long term, their requirements get precedence ahead of customers with sponsored features.

As a consequence, subscriber feature slots cannot be filled in by community feature requests otherwise midPoint development funding would be at risk. Therefore if you depend on a specific roadmap feature please consider purchasing midPoint Platform subscription and use it to ensure the feature is placed on the roadmap.


The privilege to influence midPoint roadmap is included only in some of midPoint subscription programs. Platform subscription offering is designed especially for this purpose.