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Even though we are trying really hard to make this plan as precise as possible, it is still just a plan. It can change at any moment. It is not recommended to depend on any features in this roadmap. The roadmap is driven by the priorities given to us by platform subscribers. There are also other things that can influence the roadmap, such as unexpected maintenance work, surge in support effort, security issues and so on. The roadmap is dynamic, and even the plan for currently-developer release may change as late as few weeks before release.

Even if a feature is already marked as SUBSCRIPTION, it does not mean that it will be developed precisely as planned. The plan can still change. Subscriber that is sponsoring this feature may re-prioritize. The scope may change to adapt to subscriber's changed requirements. Or we may negotiate planning changes with that subscriber and the feature may be re-planned. The only reliable way how to make sure that you can depend on this plan is to secure a platform subscription and set your own priorities and dates for the features that you depend on.

Latest Release: 4.0.2 LTS "Gutenberg" Update 2

MidPoint is currently high-quality product developed for more than 8 years. MidPoint has a solid architectural foundation that was proven in practice. The current set of features provides good fit for almost any environment: enterprise (both employee and customer identities), academia, telco, etc.

List of current features can be found on Features page.

More detailed information about current project state can be found on midPoint Releases page and especially in the release notes of the most recent release.

Next Release: 4.1

This plan is also reflected in our task tracking system (jira).

Planned release date: spring 2020

The major features planned for the next release include:

  • Archetype improvements
  • Asynchronous connector options
  • Flexible authentication (part 1)
  • Collection & views improvements
  • Usability improvements

Fluid Features and Subscriptions