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		<port>587</port>								<!-- specify port: 25, 587 (e.g. MS Exchange and TLS) or other based on your mail server -->
														<!-- you can skip the port definition altogether to use default -->
        <transportSecurity>starttlsRequired</transportSecurity>		<!-- other possibilities: none, starttlsEnabled, starttlsRequired -->
	</server>                                           <!-- there can be more servers if necessary; they are tried in the order specified -->
    <server>                                            <!-- Second server -->
       . . .
    <server>                                            <!-- Third server -->
       . . .
	<debug>true</debug>									<!-- standard javax.mail debugging; it is going to stdout (catalina.out)! -->
    <logToFile>mail-notifications.log</logToFile>		<!-- All notifications are logged to this file IN ADDITION TO sending them via mail. They are
                                                             logged in all cases: even if they eventually cannot be send. Implemented since 3.6.1. -->

<sms name="default">		<!-- there can be more SMS configurations, distinguished by their name -->
	<gateway>				<!-- there can be one or more gateways; if one fails, the next one is tried -->
		<url>				<!-- for the time being we expect gateways accessible via HTTP(S), GET method ... other mechanisms have to be implemented -->
				<code>"" + to + "&amp;text=" + encodedMessageText</code>

<sms name="test">
	<redirectToFile>sms-notifications.log</redirectToFile>		<!-- when used, logs all notifications to a file INSTEAD OF sending them via gateway;
																	 this element can be used also within definition of a gateway - in that case the
																	 computed URL is logged as well. -->