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titlePublic community communication
As a matter of Evolveum policy, all community communication must be public. There are public mailing lists, development chat room, public wiki and bug tracking system - all completely open to community. Evolveum is fully participating in all those public community communication channels. We are fully committed to open development practices. Information sharing is a crucial part of our openness policy. Therefore no community support or consultations will be provided by using any private communication channels. That includes private mail communication, private chat conversation and so on. Private communication channels are available only to midPoint subscribers. Subscribers are funding midPoint development and therefore they are entitled for exceptions to this policy in case that such exception is needed. Except for such cases we are fully committed to complete openness of midPoint development process. Therefore we have decided to enforce the open communication policy.



Git is a distributed version control system that we use to maintain midPoint source code. Its non-centralized character allows for a variety of development models and workflows. This page describes just two possible scenarios but almost any approach supported by git is possible to use with midPoint development. Although it is easy to start contributing to midPoint by following the instructions on this page understanding of Git principles is important for efficient midPoint development. Please see our Git page for more details about git, location of our source code repositories, tips for using git software, etc.