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addAdds an object coming as input to the repository, which must be a PrismObject. (***)--
modifyModifies an object coming as input, which must be a PrismObject. (*) (***)deltaDelta to be applied to the object.
deleteDeletes an object coming as input, which must be a PrismObject. (*) (***)--
enable, disableEnables or disables an object coming as input (must be a FocusType or ShadowType). (*) (***)--
assignAssigns a role or a resource account to a FocusType. (*) (***)resourceResource(s) on which account(s) have to be assigned. **
roleRole(s) to be assigned. **
recomputeRecomputes a user (must be PrismObject<UserType>). (*) (***)--
execute-scriptExecutes a script against the input data. (Since midPoint 3.4.1)scriptA value of type ScriptExpressionEvaluatorType.

If the script provides any output that is to be processed further, the item definition has to be given here. It is in the form of URI, pointing to item name (e.g. user) or item type (e.g. UserType). "Unqualified" URIs like the two examples here are allowed.

But note that outputting data from scripts is currently only experimental.

forWholeInputThe script would get the whole pipeline as input (since 3.7, experimental).
resumeResumes a suspended task.-The task must be in a suspended state. Since 3.7.2.
resolveResolves a reference, e.g. data coming from a c:linkRef, into a PrismObject.noFetchWhether noFetch option has to be applied (default: false).
purge-schemaRemoves all schema information from a given resource(s) coming as input (PrismObject<ResourceType>).--
discover-connectorsDiscovers all connectors on a given connector host(s), given as PrismObject<ConnectorHostType>.rebindResourcesSearches for all resources using now-outdated versions of newly discovered connectors and re-links them to current connectors.
test-resourceTests a given resource(s) coming as input (PrismObject<ResourceType>).--
validateValidates a resource - i.e. provides a set of issues just like in Resource Wizard (since 3.5)--
generate-valueGenerates value(s) for object(s) coming as input.itemsDescription of what and how to generate.
notifySends a notification event for each of objects at input (since 3.5) - i.e. it generates a custom Event with the content driven by action parameters.subtypeSubtype of the event created.
handlerAd-hoc event handler that should be used to process the event. Normally this parameter should not be needed, because event handling should be driven by the system configuration. However, for ad-hoc events we can specify handler directly within the event.
forWholeInputWhole input (i.e. all items in the pipeline) should be sent as event object. The default behavior is to generate one event for each input object.
statusStatus to be put into event (success, failure, inProgress, alsoSuccess, onlyFailure). Default is "success".
operationOperation to be put into event (add, modify, delete). Default is "add".
logLogs debugDump form of the data.levelinfo (the default), debug or trace
messageCustom message that is prepended to the data.