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This is still work in progress. New plugin version available in 3.2.


feature is experimental. It means that it is not intended for production use. The feature is not finished. It is not stable. The implementation may contain bugs, the configuration may change at any moment without any warning and it may not work at all. Use at your own risk. This feature is not covered by midPoint support. In case that you are interested in supporting development of this feature, please consider purchasing midPoint Platform subscription.


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There is an experimental jasper report query executor which can be used in Jaspersoft Studio to build custom reports. This plugin requires running midPoint and some configuration in Jaspersoft Studio. Source code of the plugin can be find on github. To be honest, it is still not perfect and bugs may exist. In the case you'll find some bugs, please create an issue in our JIRA and assign it to Katka Valalikova