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titleMidPoint 4.2 and later

New reports work without Jasper framework and for now support export are intended to be native reporting mechanism for midPoint. The aim is to use what midPoint provides without the need for Jasper framework. Using Jasper framework as an engine is still possible, but it is deprecated and not recommended anymore. It is recommended to use reports based on midPoint concepts, namely dashboards or objectCollection. Current implementation support exporting reports to CSV and HTML file. We can generate report from dashboard, objectCollection or you can use old deprecated Jasper report, other formats such as XSLX are planned to be added later. Configuration attributes of report:

reportEngineReportEngineSelectionTypeSelects which report engine should be used to render this report. Possible value jasper, dashboard and collection.
fileFormatFileFormatConfigurationTypeDefine report output file format.
jasperJasperReportEngineConfigurationTypeConfiguration for jasper-based reports. Only applicable if reportEngine=jasper.
dashboardDashboardReportEngineConfigurationTypeConfiguration for dashboard-based reports. Only applicable if reportEngine=dashboard.
objectCollectionObjectCollectionReportEngineConfigurationTypeConfiguration for object collection-based reports. Only applicable if reportEngine=collection.
defaultScriptConfigurationScriptExpressionEvaluatorConfigurationTypeDefault configuration for the scripts executed inside the report.
postReportScriptCommandLineScriptTypeCommand-line script that will be executed after the report is complete and the output file is completely produced. Output filename will be passed to the script as the "file" argument.


Now we support exporting only For now, export to CSV and HTML fileis supported. Configuration attributes:


Configuration of html file format dondoesn't contains next contain any other attributes.


Configuration to CSV file contains attributes:


  • all - Quotes all fields.
  • allNonNull - Quotes all non-null fields.
  • minimal - Quotes fields which contain special characters such as a the field delimiter, quote character or any of the characters in the line separator string.
  • nonNumeric - Quotes all non-numeric fields.
  • none - Never quotes fields. When the delimiter occurs in data, the printer prefixes it with the escape character. If the escape character is not set, format validation throws an exception.

Report engine

Report engine define type of report.


Jasper is old deprecated type of reports. We can use attribute jasper and in it we can use all attributes for jasper report.


For configuration of dashboard report, please see Dashboard configuration-Report


We can use next following attributes:

collectionCollectionRefSpecificationTypeSpecification of an explicit or implicit object collection that will be used to select objects in report.
viewGuiObjectListViewTypeSpecifies a view of an object collection that is be reported.
useOnlyReportViewbooleanSpecifies that during creating of report will be used only view in report without merging with other view.

View define defines columns in report (order, name, ... ). View is merging merged from default view in collection or base collection with view in report. When we use attribute useOnlyReportView as true will be used only is true, only the view from report configuration is used.  For For collection report we can use object collection or filter and base object collection.

Object collection

When we want to use object collection easy use oid of collection in report. For example:


Creating of report

Simple way as how to create report is to click on 'Create report' under table on object list pages (e.g. All users page). After click you will be redirect redirected to Create report page with predefined filter from search panel over object table and columns from previous table.