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The example overlay project is located in the Evolveum/midpoint-overlay-example github repository:


Download the project and build it using the following maven command:


The example overlay project is located in the Evolveum/midpoint-custom-service github repository:


Initial Objects

Stock midPoint installation has a set of objects that are deployed to midPoint repository when a fresh midPoint installation starts. This feature can also be used in the overlay projects. Just put your custom objects into the src/main/resources/initial-objects directory. Place each object in a separate XML file. The files have to be named following the 9xx-nnnnnnnn.xml convention, where xx is any number and nnnnnnnn is object name (see the sample project for an example). The files will be imported in the order given by the xx numbers. The prefix 9 is a convention to avoid collisions with stock initial objects.