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  1. "In stage" is the stage that the case was last considered in. Depending on the review strategy, some cases might be "stopped": they do not advance to next stage after being e.g. revoked in some (previous) stage.
  2. "Reviewers" are reviewers that are currently assigned - or were assigned for a review stage in what this case was last considered in.
  3. "Reviewed by" is a list of all reviewers for all stages up to now.
  4. "Result" is eithera preliminarily computed result for a current stage (if the campaign is in "In review stage" or "Review stage done" state),or preliminarily computed result the case for the whole campaign (if the campaign is in "In remediation" or "Closed" state).The difference can be seen e.g. in case of
  5. "acceptedIfNotDenied" outcome determination strategy: even if the result of last stage is "No decision", the overall result can be "Accept"."Comments" are joined comments from all reviewers that have provided them.
  6. "%" is the percentage of reviewers that provided answers for last stage the case was considered in.