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OpenLDAP ACI for OpenLDAP user management for this sample. Update as you wish.
Sample CSV Source Data resource expects that this file is located in /var/tmp. Please update the filePath configuration property in the CRM resource.
System Configuration (fragment) configuration (redirected to file /usr/local/apache-tomcat-pokusy/logs/idm-mail-notifications.log) - change to match your system. Then edit System Configuration using Repository objects and replace notification configuration section with the content of this file.
Lookup Tables of employeeType lookup tables.
Password (Value) Policies password policies that can be assigned to organizations.
Organization Structure structure (root)
ResourcesSee below.Configuration for source and target systems. Connection properties, schema handling and synchronization configuration.
Object Templates to apply for new/changed users and organizations
Roles roles for provisioning and delegated administration. Please do not import/use "role-meta-ldap-customer-group.xml", it's work in progress.




  1. organization structure objects
  2. password policy objects
  3. lookup tables
  4. object templates
  5. resources (change configuration properties if necessary, such as CSV file path, OpenLDAP hostname etc.)
  6. roles (Please do not import/use "role-meta-ldap-customer-group.xml", it's work in progress.)

Go to Configuration - System and set the already imported object policies as global templates: