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Ideally try to build the midPoint Development Snapshot. Or use a automatically built binary. But in development phase it is quite common that several bugs are fixed every day, so the automatically built binary may be already too old when it is built. Building your own fresh midPoint is the best choice. But regardless of how you get the development snapshot simple deploy it and use it. That's all.

Please not that the development snapshot is an early access to next midPoint release (other project may call it release candidate (RC) or milestone (M), we just do not have any special name for that). Which means that there may be some "upgrade" steps to take (usually database schema upgrade). Please see the release notes in the midPoint Releases part of this wiki.

If you really really do not know what use cases to test there is our test of basic test cases that are part of our testing drill: Test Scenarios. Making sure that these works in your specific environment will also help.