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Support statusSupported
Support provided byEvolveum
Target systemsActive Directory
AD DS 2012R2, AD DS 2008R2 (deprecated)


Connector for Active Directory servers based on the LDAP protocol. This connector is the recommended way to connect midPoint with Active Directory servers.


  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Windows Server 2008R2 (DEPRECATED)Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Windows Server 2012R2

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) or any other variants of Active Directory or related services are NOT supported.

The connector supports only a subset of the operations that are available by using LDAP protocol and at the same time are documented in public Microsoft documentation. The connector does not claim to support all AD operations and complete AD functionality. Basic provisioning functionality is supported and it is tested in numerous real-world deployments. But advanced functionality may not be supported at all. Active Directory is a complex, proprietary and heavily non-standard system. It is not possible for the connector to support all the available operations. We recommend to conduct a feasibility testing before deploying this connector. In case some connector functionality is missing then we recommend to purchase midPoint platform subscription to cover the functionality gap.


Active Directory 2008 and any of its variants (2008R2) are no longer supported for any new midPoint deployments. Those AD servers may be supported under some circumstances for customers that purchased midPoint subscription before release of midPoint 4.0.2. Please contact Evolveum sales for the details.

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