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Table of Contents

Basic Idea

Our fictitious company called Smart Widgets 'R Us sells networked thermometers.


In this story, we will show how midPoint can be used to manage the keys.

Computing Components Involved

  1. Devices measure temperature and send the data to the cloud. They are sold by our company and configured by the customer.
  2. ThingSpeak is the cloud application that collects the data and presents them in a visual way to users. It is operated by an independent company. (MathWorks: real, not a fictitious one!)
  3. midPoint is operated by our company (Smart Widgets 'R Us). It manages customers' users and devices. It distributes channel write keys to devices and channel read keys to users.

Scenario Details

For detailed description of key distribution please see this page.

MidPoint Object Structure

After describing the overall scenario, let us have a look at how it is implemented in midPoint. There are the following object types:


Their attributes are described on a separate page.

Source Code




Icon Credits

We'd like to thank Saneef Ansari for the symbol of thermometer and Guilhem for the various symbols of keys. All from the Noun Project.