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NameName that is used to identify a server for example in logging messages. If left empty, server's URL is used as an identifier.Development, Testing, Production, ...
URLURL that is used to connect to the server. It is obligatory.http://localhost:8080/midpoint
LoginUser name that will be used to connect to the server. It should have administrative rights.administrator
PasswordPassword used to connect to the server.5ecr3t
Short nameSymbol that will be used when generating files specific to the server (e.g. action outputs or log fragments). Can be omitted. By default, it is not, test, prod
Properties fileValues for "macros" in the form of $(name) that will get automatically resolved when objects are uploaded to this server. See below./eclipse/workspace/Project123/servers/
Log fileServer log file. This is used to show log file content (or fragments of it) in the plugin./usr/share/tomcat7/logs/idm.log

The configuration is saved in your workspace directory as ".metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings/com.evolveum.midpoint.eclipse.ui.prefs" file.

Before continuing, create at least one Eclipse project. It should not be a Java project. Best choice is a general project.