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Property nameLabelDescription
multivalueDelimiterMultivalue delimiterMultivalue delimiter character user for splitting multivalue attributes.
commentMarkerComment markerComment marker character.
filePathFile pathPath to CSV file with records.
quoteModeQuote ModeWhat field should be quoted. Allowed values are ALL, MINIMAL, NON_NUMERIC, NONE.
ignoreEmptyLinesIgnore empty linesWhether connector should ignore empty lines in CSV file.
trailingDelimiterTrailing delimiterWhether connector should use trailing delimiter.
encodingEncodingCSV file encoding.
fieldDelimiterField delimiterDelimiter character between fields in one CSV record (escaped as regexp, if needed).
ignoreSurroundingSpacesIgnore surrounding spacesWhether connector should ignore surrounding spaces.
quoteQuoteQuote character.
trimTrimWhether fields should be trimmed.
headerExistsHeader existsWhether header exists in csv file.
passwordAttributeUser password attribute nameUser password attribute name is not required. Its used only in authenticate operation.
tmpFolderTmp folderFolder where csv connector can write temporary files. By default the same folder as where csv file resides.
readOnlyRead onlyWhether file is for read only acces only. Default is false.
preserveOldSyncFilesPreserve old sync filesHow many old sync filed do we want to preserve.
escapeEscapeEscape character.
objectClassDefinitionObject class definitionFile which contains definitions for other object classes.
recordSeparatorRecord separatorRecord separator string.
uniqueAttributeUnique attributeUnique attribute name.

Configuration samples for CSV resources were updated to the new CSV connector. The Configuration Samples are located at the usual places.