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Up until version 3.6 midPoint included a legacy CSVFile connector. The legacy CSVFile Connector was replaced by new CSV Connector in midPoint 3.6. The new CSV connector is a rewrite from scratch. The old CSVFile connector was written even before midPoint project started and it was not designed for real deployment use. We have maintained and improved the connector during the years. But it was not maintainable any more. Also the ConnId framework evolved over the time and we needed a connector that will use these features. Therefore we have decided to rewrite the connector completely. MidPoint 3.6 no longer bundles the old connector. New CSV connector is bundled instead. Old CSV connector can still be used and it is still supported for deployments that purchased midPoint subscription before midPoint 3.6 was released. As the old connector is not bundled with midPoint any more you have to download the connector JAR and deploy it explicitly.


  • connector name and bundle
  • some connector configuration properties are different and some are missing
  • attribute names: native column names are used instead of icfs:name and icfs:uid
  • the new connector does not support synchronization (livesync) yetthe new connector does not support script execution yet

Connector Name and Bundle


The legacy CSVFile connector will be maintained for a reasonable migration period which mostly depends on the requirements of midPoint subscribers. After that period the legacy connector will no longer be supported. Therefore please plan the migration to the new connector accordingly.

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