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  • Role exclusion: pruning of conflicting roles which can be used to implement Radio Button Roles
  • Specification of mapping domain and range
  • Custom forms
  • GUI usability improvements
    • Multiple browser windows supported
  • CredSSP support in Active Directory connector
  • Ad-hoc delegation of approvals ("Delegate" button)

Java 7 environment is no longer supported.
XPath2 scripting is no longer supported.
CSVFile Connector (deprecated) is deprecated.


Release 3.6 (TODO) is intended for full production use in enterprise environments. All features are stable and well tested.


Bundled connector changes since 3.5 and 3.5.1

  • TODO
  • The CSVFile Connector (deprecated) is deprecated. It is still fully supported and it is still bundled with midPoint. However, it is technologically obsolete and it will be replaced by a new CSV Connector in midPoint 3.6. Therefore please consider using the new CSV Connector in new projects even with midPoint 3.5. The CSV Connector was not entirely finished at the time of midPoint 3.5 release - and that was the reason why midPoint 3.5 is still using the old connector. However it is expected that the new connector will be finished and stabilized in early 2017.
  • The LDAP connector was upgraded to the latest available version.