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These features are only partially implemented. The original plan was to support complete functionality in midPoint 3.6. However existing midPoint subscribers and sponsors have prioritized other features for midPoint 3.6. Therefore the manual resources were only implemented to the extent that was covered by existing sponsoring and subscription agreements. Following table shows implementation progress.

Supported in version3.6, 3.6.1,
Manual resources coreYESYES
Manual resources GUINONO
Provisioning casesNONO
Semi-manual resourcesYES
(with ITSM plugin only)


(with ITSM plugin only)

ITSM pluginsYES
(requires custom development)


(requires custom development)

Provisioning propagationNOYES

As of midPoint 3.6 midPoint does not contain any GUI support for any of these features. The core (back-end) functionality is mostly in place (except for cases), therefore it is partially usable. The goal was to enable functionality with custom ITSM integration plugin. However, that requires custom development. In practice this means that as of midPoint 3.6 these features are likely to work well only if Evolveum professional services are involved. If you are interesting in helping to finish those resources please consider sponsoring. These features could be fully productized in midPoint 3.7 given sufficient funding.

Provisioning Propagation


titleMidPoint 3.7.1 and later

MidPoint usually executes all resource operations as soon as possible. But this may be quite troublesome for manual resources where resource operations are usually costly. Therefore there is a way to change that behavior by using provisioning propagation task. In such case midPoint will not execute operations immediately. Requested changes will get queued for (reasonably short) time. Then midPoint will execute all the changes at once in a single operation.

See Provisioning Propagation page for more details.


See Manual Resource Configuration page for configuration details.