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  • In approval-related expressions (e.g. stage auto-completion conditions), do not use midpoint.getChannel() to obtain the channel for the original request. It is not present when evaluating approval process preview (
    serverEvolveum Jira
    ). Use new channel variable instead.
  • Default for task/executionConstraints/groupTaskLimit was changed from "1" to "unlimited". Properties "allowedNode" and "disallowedNode" are now deprecated (and disabled). They are replaced by node/taskExecutionLimitations item.
  • If you want to use execution groups other than default (null), make sure their execution is allowed on individual nodes. Before this release, the default behavior was not limiting execution of these groups.
  • Default policy situation ...#assigned is no longer available. Replace by ...#modified + evaluationTarget=assignment. (TODO)
  • Policy situations and triggers are not stored by default. Use "record" action. Also, rules are stored as such, not as triggers. (TODO)

Behavior changes since 3.5 and 3.5.1