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The mapping marks fullName attribute as non-tolerant. It means that all values not provided by the object template mappings are discarded. And we provide a very special mapping in the object template: it calls (experimental) method midpoint.collectAssignedFocusMappingsResults which inspects recently computed assignments (lensContext.evaluatedAssignmentTriple), takes all non-negative values from mappings relevant to fullName from all evaluated non-negative assignments, and returns the value (if present) as its output.

Note: if the target attribute is multivalued, the following template mapping should be used (it should work for the single-valued case as well):

Code Block
titleCode to fetch values computed by assignment mappings - to multivalued item (employeeType in this case)
                    import com.evolveum.midpoint.prism.path.*
                    midpoint.collectAssignedFocusMappingsResults(new ItemPath("employeeType"))