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  1. Stop midPoint.
  2. Backup database.
  3. Export objects, use ninja from release 3.7.2:

    Code Block
    ./bin/ export -r -O objects.xml
  4. Execute postgresql-upgrade-3.7-3.8.sql against midPoint database.
  5. Update midPoint installation. Do one of the following:

    1. Update war file in application server

    2. Extract release 3.8 

      1. copy var folder from 3.7.1 release folder to 3.8
  6. Import objects, use ninja from release 3.8:

    Code Block
    ./bin/ import -r -i objects.xml -l <NUMBER_OF_THREADS_FOR_IMPORT_WORKERS>
  7. Copy all custom connectors from old installation to new one if necessary.

  8. Start midPoint 3.8.

  9. Test all resources, validate that they point to correct connectors.
  10. Done.