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MidPoint has already started to go this way. There is a Eclipse IDE plugin that are IDE plugins that can be used to manage midPoint objects. But the plugin is not finished. There is a Eclipse IDE plugin and there is some work on IntelliJ IDEA plugin. But those are not finished. And makes little sense to maintain two plugin for two IDEs. Therefore we have to decide which platform we will be using. There are also other plugins that can be usedfuluseful. But currently the user has to manually download, install and configure all the plugins. Which is a task that may challenge even experienced developers.


We plan to create a pre-installed and pre-configured midPoint Studio based on IntelliJ or Eclipse IDE. The "studio" should include following parts:


  • Syntax assist for midPoint XML/JSON/YAML objects.
  • Support for dynamic schema downloaded from the server.
  • Debugging of midPoint expressions (setting breakpoint, stepping, etc.)


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